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PhD position in Cosmology

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The Centro de Estudios de Física del Cosmos de Aragón (CEFCA) invites applications for one position as a PhD student in Cosmology. The duration of the position is for 4 years, and it has allocated funds for attending conferences/schools, and for research visits to other institutions. The position is funded by the 2016 ERC Starting grant “BACCO”.

CEFCA is a research institute located in Teruel (Spain) that provides an excellent environment at the interface between observational and theoretical astronomical research. Current research topics include: cosmic microwave background, large-scale structure of the Universe, physics of galaxy formation and evolution, and the exploitation of large datasets such as J-PAS, J-PLUS, Planck, EUCLID, and ALHAMBRA. Additionally, CEFCA develops and operates the Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre, which is equipped with world-class survey telescopes, offering the students the possibility to develop skills in instrumentation and astronomical observations.

Terms and conditions
Education: Applicants must have completed a degree in Astronomy, Physics, or Mathematics.
Duration: 4 years
Deadline for applying: April 30th, 2017
Applications: In order to be considered, the applications should include:

1) a full CV,
2) an academic record,
3) a short statement of research interests, and
4) a minimum of two reference letters,

to be submitted via email (Subject: “Ref.0054. PhD position in Cosmology”) to jobs@cefca.es by the above closing date.

For further information, please contact:

Raúl E. Angulo, rangulo@cefca.es